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Thanks for stopping by

This site is a base for my photographic work.  That's me and my two daughters above.

I shoot all sorts of things for all sorts of people, but as I never want to kill my love of photography, I try to limit how much I do so as not to let my work get too repetitive or too routine.  

So I shoot portfolio and fashion, boudoir and nude, families with nice, fun, children - I do a little product photography - sadly I am no longer able to offer wedding photography.  I shoot a fair bit of pole and aerial.

Whatever I shoot, I want it to be a fun and tailored project, and believe everything should end up a unique mix of the photographer and the people being photographed - it should also be really enjoyable.  

I know that's a pretty vague summary, so the best bet is if you like my work and would like to shoot something, please just get in touch and we can chat it through.  I have a dedicated well equipped shoot space built at home so it allows me to keep costs low - aside from obvious location work or group days at pole studios,  most of my portfolio is shot here.

Latest work will likely be on my instagram, hit the button at the bottom of the left hand panel!

**Edit - Autumn / Winter 2022**

I am not booking new shoots at this time, check back here for updates on availability next year. 

Despite this, I am still shooting on a collaboration  basis, so if you have a great idea or great location to shoot, and want to shoot something imaginative and fun together, please get in touch.

I'll update when my diary is open again, thanks for your understanding

This is me, hiding behind my wife and daughters...

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This is also me, hiding behind one of my best mates in the world, Martin.  Martin lives in Belfast, and as you can see, he is a pretty cool character.

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