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I shoot lingerie and model work.

You'll see from my instagram and website, that the majority of my work, when not shooting weddings, is shooting lingerie, nude, boudoir and model portfolio work.

I shoot a huge range of styles and a huge range of people of all ages and walks of life who want the photos for all sorts of reasonas - it might be for your social media output, something edgy for Only Fans, art nudes for your bedroom wall, or some evocative images to share with your partner.  Many times I shoot people who just want the photos for themselves, either for posterity, or for the feeling of confidence and well-being boost that absolutely everyone tells me they feel when they get their images back.  It is for all ages, all genders, all sizes, and can be shot alone or with a significant other.  Some people want shots showing them exactly as they are, some people want little bumps and birthmarks or whatever irks them banished forever into the pits of hell by the magic of photoshop - both are absolutely fine and all about what makes you feel good, and you can let me know when we shoot how much editing you do or don't want in the final images!  

If it's something you'd love to do then get in touch - I know for all but the most supremely confident of us it can be a daunting or downright terrifying idea, but there has never been a person turn up looking nervous that wasn't completely over it in ten minutes, and who didn't leave at the end of the shoot feeling glad they did - it is a relaxed, fun and completely stress free day, and if you'd like to speak to other people who have shot this kind of work with me or you'd like to bring that best friend for moral support and blunt second opinion on what looks good, you are more than welcome!

Cost is £150 per person with a minimum of 15 images returned, usually in a couple of different colour options.  I can accommodate up to 3 people at a time with no issue.  Shooting on location is no problem if you have somewhere to to shoot that serves as a great setting, but may incur a small travel charge depending on where!