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I shoot Pole.  Well, I say pole, but...

Pole shoots are usually group days shot at your studio -  you have probably seen a similar format where we shoot all day with each person getting half hour shoot time (although sometimes in groups of 2 or more sharing a 1 hour or more time slot to allow time for rest and outfit changes!), and receive a number of fully edited shots included in the price, with the option to buy more if required.

The base price per person is £75 with 5 edited images returned, and depending on your location there may be a small per-person surcharge to cover travel and accommodation if it is not feasible to travel and shoot in a day from my Gloucestershire base.  Usually your studio will charge a small premium in addition to cover studio use.  Additional images are £13 each and can be ordered when you review and choose your unedited images after the shoot, all are supplied high resolution without watermarks.  I always supply each image in at least two colour treatments in the price to give you some preference option.  

Often pole group days can be a mix of silks, hoop or other aerial discipline, and depending on your studio and activity can also be a mix of or exclusively off pole, burlesque, cosplay / outfit etc - whatever you want to shoot in your half hour slot is fine!  We have done everything from pole based cake smashes for a birthday poler, naked pole, outdoor pole, polers nowhere near the pole but with their cool dogs, often in undignified dog outfits!  (I can't lie, these are my favourites).  So really although these are listed as pole group days, they can be whatever you and your studio team feel like shooting!

I usually try to get your unedited images back to you to choose from within a week or so, and your edited shots back within 6 weeks latest - however, if I travel around the country and shoot two or three studios as part of a tour then this could go to a maximum of 10-12 weeks, though this is rare - I'll always let people know if that is going to be the case.  I use a live share system where you will get a link to select and shortlist your shots from the unedited versions in a browser window, and of course can edit more or less depending on your personal preference.